Planet Dividend

The first ecological cashback
SMEs have fewer resources than large groups to adapt to environmental challenges
The ecological transition
is no longer a question of will.
It is a question of means.

Our Planet Dividend gives you the means
to turn the corner.


Process your banking transactions, Keewe pays you a part of its margin
Receive planet dividend, the green cashback

With every transaction you make, we give you up to 25% of our margin to fund your transition. It's a cashback and we call it the planet dividend. At Keewe, you start your ecological transition without paying a single euro more, simply by using your banking services.


Take charge of your transition
Use your planet dividend to finance your transition
Raise awareness among your teams

For example, you can use your planet dividend to strengthen your team spirit and raise awareness of the challenges of ecological transition through a fun workshop of the Climate Fresco.

Reduce your emissions

With your Planet Dividend, offer your sales staff eco-driving training! It's less CO2 emissions... and it's cheaper!

Do you need an energy efficiency diagnosis for your building? Your Planet Dividend is there for that!

We are working to set up an ecosystem in favour of the ecological transition of companies which you can access thanks to your Planet Dividend!

Offset your emissions

Spend your planet dividend to contribute to carbon neutrality. Choose an eco-project for CO2 reduction or sequestration that suits you, directly in your Climate Space.

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