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What if your international payments went green?

Assess the carbon footprint of your payments.
Generate positive impact with your cashback.
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Our story

2020 - We founded Keewe

During the first covid19 lockdown in France, Keewe was registered with the ambition to leverage the world’s largest market to finance the low carbon transition.

2021 - Launch

Keewe signed a strategic partnership with Currencycloud (VISA group) and launched the international payment platform for sustainable international trade.

March 2021 - 1st Green Payment

The first green payment is sent to China, the cashback generated by the transaction contributed to global carbon neutrality for 3 t C02e.

2022 - Keewe accelerates

With more than 100,000,000 € of transactions, Keewe contributed to the global carbon neutrality for the equivalent of more than 300 flights around the world.

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