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Are my funds secured when I open an account and work with Keewe?


Keewe is not an actual bank (yet). We use the services of our key partner, Currencloud (which is part of the VISA group), to provide our clients with the best banking experience possible!

Your accounts are electronic money accounts. Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution. In case of a default of Keewe, your money is secured because your funds are held separately (Keewe does not hold your funds). Working with Keewe offers peace of mind.

How much do you charge?

Everything's free, except the FX spread

With Keewe, you open an account for free, we do not charge any account management fee nor any commission on your international transfer.
Keewe’s only remuneration comes from the spead applied on your FX conversion rate (see the next question for more details). 

Keewe is only remunerated in the exchange difference (see next question).

Why is Keewe cheaper?

FX transactions are hard to understand for some companies.

When you buy or sell a currency, your traditional provider usually charges several fees: a fixed FX conversion commission, an international transfer fee and the spread included in the FX conversion rate applied.

The spread is the difference between the market rate to buy US dollars at a given time and the rate that your provider offers you, that is the actual rate at which you buy the US dollars.

If the market price is 1.20, it means that for every €1 sold you will buy $1.20. Your partner will give you a downgraded price, for example 1.19. On each € sold, your partner's margin is $0.01... At first sight, this is not much... but let's do the calculation on €1,000,000: this represents a margin of $10,000 for your partner.

If you add to this « spread effect » a fixed commission of 0.5% and some fees on the international transfer, for example, the overall cost of your transaction climbs.

Keewe does not charge any fixed commission on your FX conversion and the spread is negotiated with you.

No more bad surprises!

Why should I start my low carbon transition?

We think there are at least 4 good reasons:

- Make a difference: we are probably the last generation which is able to act to limit the impact of global warming

- Adapt to a volatile regulation: by assessing the carbon footprint of your international trade, you join the community of companies commited to start their low carbon transition as the laws and regulations put more pressure on sustainability reporting

- Strengthen your brand: answer the ever growing demand stemming from your stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees) about corporate responsibility

- Secure a competitive edge to differentiate from your competitors when responding to tenders and public RFQ

What documents are required to open an account with Keewe?

We know very well how much the on-boarding process can be painful…

This is why we have designed a fully digital and user-friendly on-boarding, and we only ask for what should be asked for.

We would then ask you a certificate of incorporation of less than 3 months (« extrait de Kbis »), your financials and the proof of identity (e.g passport) of the directors and of the shareholders owning +10% of the company.

If your application is complete, your account is usually open in less than 48 hours (with a record of 35 minutes!). Try it, it's yours 😉

Digital is cool but it’s not my thing, can I talk to real people?

Digital is good but we also have an actual team to serve you!

You can read our memos about the market moves of the EURUSD FX rate but we would also be very happy to discuss it with you over the phone!

Once your account is open, a dedicated expert will be at your side to navigate through the choppy waters of the financial markets.

I know an impact project that I would like to help, is it possible to add it to Keewe’s list of projects?

Of course!

You have clients or suppliers in Brazil and you would like to support a local project to show your commitment ? Feel free to share with us this project and we will do our best to add it to our platform!

I don’t feel concerned about climate change and the low carbon transition. Why should I work with Keewe?